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Dr. Nevena Zubcevik of the Harvard Medical School dispels some long held, over published myths about Lyme disease

Dispelling myths …

“Dr. Nevena Zubcevik of the Harvard Medical School, and co-director of the Dean Center for Tick-Borne Illnesses, warned that the medical community is not keeping up with current findings. For example, “The conception that the tick has to be attached for 48 hours is completely outdated,” she said, citing studies that show ticks can transmit disease in as little as 10 minutes.”

“She also stated that the two-day course of doxycycline currently prescribed when an embedded tick is discovered is worthless, saying “It should be a 20-day thing […] regardless of time of [tick] engorgement.” Equally surprising is the fact that only 20 percent of Lyme cases show the classic “bull’s-eye rash,” or erythema migrans. In the past it was believed that the majority of Lyme cases exhibited this outward-spreading rash.”

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  1. Dr Zubcevik, my wife has been diagnosed with lymes disease and is displaying as rapidly advancing dementia. According to some standards, she is already in moderate stage of dementia in less than 1 year. At this rate of decline, we don’t have much time. Will you send me a suggested plan of care to share with our Dr. I am a PT and can handle this part.
    Thank you, Michael Stewart PT

  2. Get your Mother on a pulsed regime of antibiotics. She needs a strong dose for a long period of time to clear that up. Likely IV late stages. Most Alzheimer, ALS & Dementia type brain biopsies often show signs of Lyme disease. It is more prevalent than most people realize, as I’m sure you know. She needs to go to a Lyme specialist. Watch the documentary, “Under Our Skin” and you will see many well recognized MDs in the biz. I chose Dr. Jensek, who now has a practice in DC, as I was relatively close. He sees patients from all over the World.
    I am so much better after several years of Jemsek therapies.
    Whatever you do, seek immediate treatment when affecting the Brain. It’s bad enough I post my legs, since regained most of the function. My Sister has brain involvement and it is not good. She waited too long for treatment.

    Be well

  3. Sorry, that should have said your Wife, not your Mother. That’s even more concerning knowing she is much younger.
    If Insurance becomes an issue than take a look at Stevia whole leaf extract, only from Nutramedix. It can kill all form of Lyme- spirochette, round dormant and biofilm form. There are a lot of Chinese Herbal medicines you can supplement with that type of protocol. I can’t recall the name of the Doc who came up with Scientific results on Stevie. Very compelling!

  4. Why is nowhere any mention of the use of some fast acting killer to be applied to the embedded tick? This may help in the easier removal of the embedded head.

  5. 4 year old boy with 1/2 bullseye behind ear and a high fever for 2 days getting treated with antibiotic Keflex. Should he be on doxycycline?

  6. Would love to hear the response to question above. My 3,5yr old developed bulls eyes behind the ear no fevers or other symptoms and was treated with augmentin. Also wondering if we should do doxy?

  7. Good Evening,
    my daughter is 32 years old and was diagnosed with lymes disease june 2017.. she has been on rocephin pic for 30 days now she is on doxycycline two times a day….she is still swelling in both knees with fluid and can barley walk. ther is something wrong with her jaw she cannot open her mouth to eat and she continues with other symptoms as well… please can anyone help????????? she is very moody and depressed

  8. I just received the Nutramedix Stevia, I bought it to continue tratement for my 26lbs dog with Lyme, he was infested with ticks about 2 years ago, I never thought he was going to become so sick to the point of not been able to walk for 7 weeks, (imagine the worse from everybody around) I tried everything possible to get him out of this terrible sickness including 30 day with Doxycycline and homeopathic M1 and M10 etc…etc
    Belived or not this dog terrier 12 years old has been running again as usual for a month but For some reason I’m afreid he still may have surviving parasits in his body, I want to continue fighting any remaining Lyme desease with Stevia NutraMedix following recommendation, will be 3 drops daily on water enough to kill whatever could be left?

  9. Is anyone aware of research that has been (or is currently being) done regarding mosquitoes as a vector for transmitting Lyme disease? From my reading it seems that ticks are the only source of the disease (or carrier, as ticks pick up the relevant bacterium from mice or deer).

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