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CanLyme is a registered charitable organization (#864437603RR0001).

Too many Lyme disease patients had been previously diagnosed with other disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, various forms of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, fibromyalgia, various heart disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions, and many others, just to find out later that they had Lyme disease. Their quality of life was regained only after appropriate treatment for Lyme disease that goes far beyond what is in the doctor’s handbook.

CanLyme is currently seeking donations to fund necessary post-mortem and live subject human tissue study looking for the prevalence of the Borrelia bacteria in those people diagnosed with those other conditions. The cost of paying to treat all these other conditions is huge while the treatment is addressing only the symptoms, not the cause. A pill for each symptom for the rest of your life is not the answer… address the cause of the symptoms.  With today’s understanding of genomics and proteomics we are lightyears ahead of where we were just 10 years ago in our ability to identify organisms… now lets get that work done.

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See our terms and conditionsRefund policyDonor’s Pledge and Privacy Statement. All donations of $25.00 and above are tax-deductible and accompanied by a tax receipt.

Your donations help to spread awareness, promote education, fund research to improve Lyme diagnosis and treatment, and to understand how prevalent Lyme and other tick borne diseases are in the 2 million chronically ill population of Canada.

How to give

Now it’s easy to give! We’ve partnered with CanadaHelps to make online donations simple and secure.

Donation options through CanadaHelps who collect donations for CanLyme and many other charities,

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Other ways to give

  1. Phone in or direct online donations: Call 1-250-768-0978
  2. Mail Cheque or Money Order to:

Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
9131 118th St.,
Edmonton, AB
T6G 1T6

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Our donor pledge

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation pledges to:

  • Inform donors about the ways in which we will use any and all funds given to us;
  • Ensure that the Board of Directors and Officers of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation provide professional management of said funds;
  • Provide adequate and appropriate recognition of each and every gift our donors make;
  • Keep information provided by donors confidential;
  • Respond to questions put to us by donors rapidly and to the best of our ability;
  • Privacy is a donor’s right.

Refund policy

NO refunds, all donations are final, and purchases are final upon submission unless there is a faulty product and the product is returned to us within 30 days. If the product is faulty and returned to us within 30 days a full refund will be issued.  If pieces are missing from the package, call us and we can mail you replacement parts.

Privacy statement – we protect your privacy

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation recognizes your right to privacy and pledges to protect it.

Information collected

We collect personal information about you only if you volunteer it in a survey and/or guest book and/or other “on site” registrations and/or make a donation. We may use this information to contact you for support purposes and to answer questions you submit to the site. All information is kept confidential.
If you supply us with your mailing address on-line, you may receive periodic mailings from us with information about new programs and services or upcoming events, if you give permission to be contacted.

If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by sending e-mail to, by calling us at the telephone numbers below or by writing to us at the address below. Please provide us with your exact name and address. We will then remove your name from our confidential list.

We maintain records of all contributions to the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. All information is kept private and confidential, stored in a secure location and accessible only by authorized staff.

More information
If you would like more information about the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation’s privacy policy, please contact us at Info or at the telephone number listed on our Contact page.


The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation is the only national voluntary organization in Canada that supports research, awareness, education and support services for people with tick-borne diseaseand their families. It is a major source of information about tick-borne disease, which is based on professional advice, published experience and expert opinion but does not represent therapeutic recommendation or prescription. The opinions do not necessarily represent the views of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. For specific information and advice, please consult your personal physician.

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation is an independent, voluntary health agency and does not approve, endorse or recommend any specific product or therapy but provides information to assist individuals in making their own decisions.

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