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LA Times: The Lyme disease battle

[CanLyme Note: The term ‘mainstream scientist’ is sadly used with the implication these are independent scientists and that there are a great number of them. Most of these ‘mainstream scientists’ all come from very related groups and are relatively small in numbers, but are in powerful positions, ie. US CDC researchers and patent holders, NIH funded researchers handpicked to receive most of the money for research including a handful of Infectious Disease Society of America researchers. They all speak with one mind and all draw similarly directed conclusions while excluding from mention any science that opposes their conclusions.  They are small in numbers but big in connections to the medical money machine and have access to the medical publishing industry like no other groups – directing the mindset of of a large number physicians who then simply repeat the mantra but who have no background in research whatsoever and no time to research what they have been directed to accept as fact.  This is a very old and entrenched model of how a very not-so-well-intended group can direct entire health care systems of many countries]
“The Lyme disease battle

True believers and researchers face off over ticks and symptoms.

By Wendy Orent

November 7, 2013 

There is a subculture in America you may know little about. Its members are haunted by a slender, twisting, tick-borne germ known as Borrelia burgdorferi, the microbe responsible for Lyme disease, and they are trying desperately to warn us that we are all at risk of contracting a debilitating, chronic illness characterized by joint pain, fatigue, mood disorders and a long list of other symptoms.

Arrayed against these true believers are most of the mainstream scientists who study B. burgdorferi. Although they acknowledge that Lyme disease is a genuine illness that humans can get from being bitten by infected ticks, and that those who are not treated promptly can develop worse symptoms, they don’t believe that infection leads to a chronic condition. The thousands of people who attribute their symptoms to “chronic Lyme disease” are simply misguided, many researchers believe….”

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