Time Canadian Medicare system woke up … letter to editor

New Brunswick resident Stephanie Stoneleigh has had enough and wants the News Brunswick health care system to wake up to the fact that Lyme disease is occuring in numbers far above what is being reported.  Her published letter to the editor spells out the issues.

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  1. I’m suffering from chronic Lyme disease I have spent over 50 thousand dollars trying to get better, and lots of it went to the States, first of all why can’t canadian doctors treat you, and is it not better if our money stayed this side of the border…..I’m sick and tired of not being able to get help, at the moment I have 2 frozen shoulders, and of course when you mention lyme to the doctors, they move on and start talking to you about fibromyalgia and so on, it’s been over 6 months, I’ve been sent to an orthopaedic surgeon, physiotherapy and on my own and out of my pocket have gone to acupuncture and chiropractor treatment and still I’m in a lot of pain…..

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