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To Hell and Back: denial of access to health care in Canada. Another disgraceful failure of the Public Health Agency of Canada, now a Human Rights issue

June 19th, 2018 This is another example of the disgraceful anti-science, anti-collaborative management of health care in Canada. Federal and provincial health authorities, devoid of oversight by patients and their experts have total disregard for the life and well being of untold thousands of Canadians whose numbers are growing annually. Holding meeting after meeting with no progress, no action plan, no Continues →

Tick, Lyme disease season hits Windsor-Essex

CBC News – Posted: Jun  7, 2013 It’s tick season and the Essex Region Conservation Authority has already received a number of complaints about the insects this year. There are a number of tick species in the region, but it’s the black-legged deer tick that is the most common carrier of Lyme disease. ERCA biologist Dan Lebedyk says you can get Continues →