Listen to the striking interviews of Canadian microbiologist Marianne Middelveen, Dr. Rafael Stricker and as well, Andy Abrahams Wilson, producer of the award winning documentary, Under Our Skin.

Listen to KPFA Flashpoints radio host, Dennis Bernstein, interview Canadian microbiologist Marianne Middelveen, and Dr. Ray Stricker discuss their research indicating Lyme Disease may be a sexually transmitted disease, not unlike it’s cousin, syphilis, another spirochaetal bacteria.  Andy Abrahams Wilson speaks about the creation of his documentary ‘Under Our Skin’, that was shortlisted for an…

Delays, Deceit, and Nonsense – US CDC took 5 years to act on Freedom of Information request re: Lyme disease gov’t emails

… “Newby believes the delays were related to the documents’ content, which, she said, “reveal a disturbing picture of a quasi-governmental group … setting Lyme disease policy and a national research agenda without public oversight or transparency.” Read full article