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Calgary declares May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month – Mayor Naheed Nenshi

From the Lyme Disease Association of Alberta (LDAA) … The month of MAY has been officially declared LYME AWARNESS MONTH in Calgary by Major Naheed Nenshi! See attached pictures of the official proclamation! You can be sure that with your help, we will work hard to have this happen in other Albertan cities next May! Congratulations LDAA ! View declaration

Why We Need a National Approach to Lyme Disease

  By Elizabeth May, Feb. 25th, 2014 I was saddened that HuffPost blogger Michael Kruse has misrepresented Bill C-442, my private members bill to develop a national approach to the growing threat of Lyme Disease. Up until his uninformed blog, it had been received as what it is — a non-partisan, evidence-based effort to help thousands of Canadians.  Mr. Kruse has misrepresented the Continues →