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Windsor, Canada: Parents credit antibiotic for autistic child’s ‘monumental’ improvements

[CanLyme note: Many parents with autistic children who have also received treatment for a Lyme disease infection report similar amazing results from antibiotic treatment leading to hypotheses that some autism may be an infectious disease origin.] Brian Cross, Windsor Star, published February 12th, 2016 A five-year-old boy with autism who has never really communicated, has suddenly started answering back…


Discover Magazine: Dec. 2013 – The Confounding Debate Over Lyme Disease in the South

The debilitating tick-borne disease is well-documented north of the Mason-Dixon line, but does it exist beyond that? By Wendy Orent, Friday, November 01, 2013   Kerry Clark never wanted to show that Lyme disease exists in the Southern United States by catching it himself.  Clark is a medical entomologist at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville….

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Medical abuse in Manitoba – a plea for sanity in a messed up system

This is a copy of a letter I was asked by Marie Hughes to write on her behalf.  It was sent to every sitting member of the Manitoba legislature. I have Marie’s permission to publish it here.   Manitoba Health                                                                                                                  July 22, 2013 Insured Benefits Branch 975 Henderson HWY Winnipeg, MB R2K 4L7  Att: xxxxxxxx…