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Windsor, Canada: Parents credit antibiotic for autistic child’s ‘monumental’ improvements

[CanLyme note: Many parents with autistic children who have also received treatment for a Lyme disease infection report similar amazing results from antibiotic treatment leading to hypotheses that some autism may be an infectious disease origin.]

Brian Cross, Windsor Star, published February 12th, 2016

A five-year-old boy with autism who has never really communicated, has suddenly started answering back when asked a question, is making better eye contact and is happier, according to his excited parents who link these “monumental” changes to an unexpected source.

Taking an antibiotic.

Liam Kennedy was prescribed a 10-day course of amoxicillin to treat his strep throat. His dad Richard and mom Tina say that by Day 3 earlier this week, the changes they noticed were “pretty dramatic.”

Before, said Tina, Liam didn’t converse. All he used were command words, like saying “pee pee” when he wanted to go to the bathroom, or “apple,” or “banana.”

“Now he’s answering questions,” said Tina. “You ask him, what did you do today? ‘Gymnastics!’ That’s never happened, ever.”

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  1. Dear
    Yet another example of successful treatment of autism syndrome of the three year old boy. He was inadequately treated from erythema migrans, after a tick bite. Three months later symptoms of autism expressed. Long term antibiotics regime was applied after which pshyciatric and pshycological findings normalized. This is another case that in clinical practice we have to think of association or relationship of these two conditions. Prof. Dr sci. med. Ivanko Bojic, Beograd, Serbia.

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