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Long-Lyme discussed with, ‘Medical gaslighting’ harming long-COVID patients, Fong A, Healthy Debate 22-07-13:’

Healthy Debate Response 22-07-14 “‘Medical gaslighting’ harming long-COVID patients, Fong A, Healthy Debate 22-07-13: https://healthydebate.ca/2022/07/topic/medical-gaslighting-long-covid/ “Pandemics disable people — the history lesson that policymakers ignore” -Spinney L, 2022 Thank you for the article. The golden era of discovery in medicine is over. Physicians are no longer looking for root causes of diseases. Medicine is being…

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Montreal Gazette: Quebec opening 15 long-COVID and Lyme disease clinics

[CanLyme Note: If these clinics as regards to Lyme disease are to be bound to follow the current Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada endorsed guidelines then taxpayers will have their tax dollars wasted once again and chronic Lyme disease sufferers will continue to burden the tax payer…

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Study Suggests Similar Processes Are Driving Long COVID and ME/CFS [and Lyme disease]

Mar 12, 2021 “Similar disease signatures to ME/CFS showed up for diseases like MIS-C, Lyme disease, and COVID-19 but not for autoimmune diseases. The authors stated “our data further suggests a shared molecular etiology (between) CFS, COVID-19, and Chronic Lyme Disease”.” Read full text