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New podcast: Dr. Sam Donta, Infectious Disease physician

In today’s episode of #LookingAtLymePodcast we speak with Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Sam Donta.
Dr. Sam Donta has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise treating patients for almost 40 years, emphasizing the importance of early treatment for Lyme disease.

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  1. Dr. Sam Donta is one of the true heroes in the Lyme story. I believe he was a part of the original core group dealing with Lyme and left them in protest after he saw what they were up to. The insurance industry realized it could control medical guidelines it could control medicine and we are left dealing with the deeply anti-science , anti ethics IDSA guidelines and the complicit doctors. Thank goodness Dr. Donta has stuck with patients and their interests and not with the profit motifs of the insurance industry.

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