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CanLyme director responds to Canadian Medical Association Journal article

Response to Doctors Gregson and Quach

Re: “The Lyme law” Zubek, 187:520-521doi:10.1503/cmaj.115-0029

The problem with Lyme disease in Canada will only continue to grow to the point where the numbers affected will simply overwhelm the idea that Lyme Borreliosis (LB) is hard to catch and easy to treat with a short round of antibiotics. We need guidelines that we can trust. It starts with the basic problem of the definition of the disease and since then it has progressed to the point where the condition of chronic Borrelial infection is being defined out of existence. The explicative report by Jenna Luche’-Thayer of July 15, 2016 analyzes how the CDC evades accountability …

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  1. Because I suffer from a tick borne infection (diagnosed with infection by a lab in the United States), I see where that is gradually happening. Canada does not treat these infections properly. They allow us to get sicker so they can make money. So sad. God bless all who are in health care making decisions for us.

  2. I also suffer from Lyme and co-infections that was properly diagnosed by the last treating LLMD in Canada. Now because he has stopped treating Lyme patients, I have no recourse but to travel to the US and pay out of pocket. Is this what the future is in health care in Canada when it comes to Lyme? I am thinking so. Our pets are getting better care, with better testing. What’s wrong with this picture? Canada used to be known for it’s health care, but when it comes to Lyme we are on our own. Very sad situation. How many more will become disabled or even die before Canada wakes up?

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