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IDSA Ignores IOM Recommendations in Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines’ Development, According to the Lyme Disease Association & LymeDisease.org

May 6, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/

— It’s been forty years since Lyme disease was first recognized in the US− when researchers studied an unusually large number of children diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis around Lyme, CT. Their investigation was initiated through a phone call by a mother with sick children, Polly Murray, who noticed the anomaly in her neighborhood.  Unfortunately for 300,000 people who contract Lyme annually in the US, the last 25 years of research has not improved patient care.  Instead, a small group of researchers have built their careers around a biased view of the disease that brings us no closer to cure.  They have disregarded patients while pursuing dead- end research using tax payer funded grants.

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