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Long road leads to Lyme for Ladner woman

Elaine Crossley finally gets proper diagnosis, but the battle is far from over

It seemed innocent enough. In March 2009, Elaine Crossley was working in the yard with her husband Bill Wheeler. Later that day, she noticed a bite on her leg. It didn’t hurt and it wasn’t itchy. She thought it might be a spider bite because there was a small chunk of skin out of her leg.

Little did she know, it was just the beginning of what would turn into an ongoing battle to maintain her health.

“Within six days of that bite, I was starting to feel pretty sick,” she says.

She woke up one morning about a week after noticing the bite with pain in her back and sides.

“By suppertime it was burning to the point that I called the doctor. There were no appointments until the following week so they put me on the cancellation list,” Crossley says. “I felt like I’d been run over by a truck almost, you know, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.”

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