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Lyme retreatment guidance may be flawed

Deer ticks, Lyme disease, and medical guidance Accepted medical practice discourages antibiotic retreatment in cases where Lyme disease symptoms persist. A new review of studies behind current medical advice says those studies prove nothing.

       Photo credit: Centers for Disease Control   

A new statistical review calls into question studies that have been  taken as proof that antibiotic retreatment for chronic Lyme disease is  futile. That misunderstanding has led to medical guidance that  discourages retreatment and insurance coverage for it. Instead, the  authors of the review suggest, the proper reading of the studies and  their data is that they prove nothing.

PROVIDENCE, R.I.[Brown University] — Most doctors treat Lyme disease with antibiotics for two to four weeks after diagnosis, but if symptoms persist after that, medical guidelines recommend against antibiotic retreatment. That recommendation may not be warranted. A newly published statistical review of the four studies upon which those guidelines are based reports flaws in design, analysis, and interpretation that call into question the strength of the evidence against retreatment.

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  1. After 10 years I am Lyme free.
    My background is medical research and 25 yrs as a university Biosafety officer . It was the typical story , flu, no bullseye, 1999, then fatigue, head buzzing , lack of sleep, shuffling, falling, mental inattention, finally I could not swallow. Diagnosis ” menopause” ” arthritis” ” maybe Alzheimer’s” etc etc.

    Found Dr Bagdadlian. Doxycycline, 2 pills, 30 days … Felt great, 3 week relapse. Same again. Analysis : return of symptoms was first in the most severe joint and the brain …. Areas with filtered plasma , perhaps limited penetration of the doxy. Third set of pills , I took a Niacin pill every day, 45 min after doxy on MT stomach …( I get a dramatic Niacin flush, cappillaries dialate, more diffusion) . Felt extremely sick each day … But… It did not return. Over the next 6 months my brain function improved , I did balance exercises … MRI scan showed no brain lesions … I’m about 90% back., residual joint issues.

    The point : Dilation through Niacin may provide the same effect as the hyperbaric treatment , increase of permeability. I don’t know anything about the pharmokinetics of doxycycline , but one does not seem to hear many success stories after 10 years of being infected

    Would appreciate it if this could be forwarded to anyone who may consider it


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