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Talking Ticks and Lyme Disease Testing with Dr. Vett Lloyd

Most researchers are inspired to specialize in a particular field by a fascinating graduate course, an inspiring professor or a promising lab test. Dr. Vett Lloyd has a slightly more unique reason for devoting a large portion of her career to the study of Lyme disease: she was actually diagnosed with it. A geneticist by training, with an MSc-equivalent degree Continues →

Listen to Kathryn Maroun, host of the TV show ‘What A Catch’ and Mount Allison University biologist Vett Lloyd discuss Lyme disease

Kathryn Maroun, host of popular TV show about fishing, What A Catch, discusses Lyme disease with David Doggett of Maritime Ourdoorsman.  She contracted Lyme disease while in British Columbia, Canada. Listen here to Kathryn Maroun Also, as a follow-up and in response to the above segment, now listen to Vett Lyoyd, a biologist at Mount Allison University, as she discusses Continues →