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Video, Penticton, BC – City declares May Lyme Disease awareness month and, mayor and council take the Lyme Sucks Challenge

Council proclaims May as Lyme awareness month, and, “Council sucks limes” for Lyme. For the video of the meeting relating to the proclamation and challenge click below and then go to Lyme Disease Awareness – Lyme Sucks Challenge Watch here

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Lyme Sucks Challenge continues: CanLyme founder’s brother and daughter make their challenges.

On April 24th, 2015, the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation’s founder, Jim Wilson, was proud to have his brother, John Wilson, and oldest daughter Candra Wilson make their challenges to others to take the Lyme Sucks Challenge in the effort to raise awareness of the disease, and increase funding for a very necessary and long overdue…


Search and Rescue respond to RCMP’s Challenge taking up the Lyme Sucks Challenge – see who they challenge

Lyme Sucks Challenge 2015 PENSAR is proud to respond to the Penticton RCMP’s Lyme Sucks Challenge and we’ve gone ahead and challenged a few other amazing organizations while we were a… Watch Video

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Shaw TV’s ‘Go Okanagan’ looks at Lyme Disease, and patients stories as they prepare for the Lyme Sucks Challenge

Lyme disease is becoming more and more prevalent throughout Canada, North America and around the globe. It can be easily treated if caught early, or it can be life altering and life threatening if not caught early.  Patients discuss their Lyme and then promote the Lyme Sucks Challenge to raise awareness and research dollars. #lymesuckschallenge

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Global TV: Penticton firefighters take bite out of Lyme disease

PENTICTON — The Lyme Sucks Challenge #lymesuckschallenge may be the next social media craze, at least that’s what Penticton resident Sue McDougall is hoping. The challenge involves sucking on a lime and broadcasting it on social media. McDougall is passionately involved in this challenge because she has been living with Lyme disease for more than…