On Thursday, October 10th, The Nature of Things with David Suzuki aired their episode on Lyme disease.

http://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episodes/ticked-off-the-mystery-of-lyme-disease (only available for viewing inside Canada)

We have had many comments while others have offered comments at the above link.

The general consensus is that if any rational person watched Dr. Gary Wormser from the Infectious Disease Society of America slither his nonsense forward they quickly recognized this was a man with an agenda that has nothing to do with truth or the health care of people. Not one responder thought highly, even slightly, of Wormser.

For Robbin Lindsay of our National Microbiology Labs in Winnipeg to put our health care into Dr. Wormser and company’s hands (who Lindsay refers to as ‘experts south of the border’) is an insult to every thinking Canadian and it should behoove every public representative to question what is going on, directed by whom, and why?  Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Nick Ogden, also portrayed in the documentary, have been on the panels that have set the harmful policies for Lyme disease for years in Canada while denying CanLyme and our experts any voice at that policy making level to challenge their position. This door slam of outside input is not expected in a democratic nation and has certainly led us to this point of harm.

CanLyme, as a registered charitable organization is not allowed to call for a federal inquiry, so we won’t.  We will leave that up to others who may see this as a disgusting display of an agenda driven, intentional, harming of the public by manipulation of fact, outright misinformation (ie. Lyme disease carrying ticks did not only occur in Long Point Ontario… he completely ignored Dr. Banerjee’s published findings in the 1980’s and early 90’s, and ignored all of the tick submissions by people across the country including that of my brother from Port Mouton, Nova Scotia in 1991 that is on record along with many others showing that the Lyme disease ticks were everywhere). They mislead the public to believe that the Lyme disease matter has only just recently become an issue… not true… they simply chose to bury their head in the sand and bury data over the past three decades based upon the not so good advice of their ‘expert’s south of the border’.

CanLyme wants open discussion with all science on the table, our role in any guidelines or policy guaranteed, and a moratorium put on any current guidelines.  Researcher John Scott, of Ontario, who has published many papers of the spread and diversity of Lyme disease in Canada has written his response to the documentary’s producers.

Dr. Robbin Lindsay says, “the weight of current evidence does not support chronic infection.”  That is an embarrassing and dangerous position for a government employee to take in a democracy considering the volumes of research showing that clearly it is not only most plausible that chronic infection occurs after short term antibiotics, but that thousands of people are currently living proof of this if they chose to look.  This ‘don’t look, won’t find’ method is a long standing tactic of those driving the Lyme agenda in North America.  Dr. Lindsay and his ilk must be challenged but currently there is no mechanism for this in Canada so the carnage, including death, will continue until our legislators do something.

An upcoming federal private member’s bill, Bill C-442 is a beginning, and should be supported recognizing it is only the beginning of giving healthcare back to those who fund it, and who live or die by it’s openness. More than ever Bill C-442 is seen as as crucial in that it makes it imperative for government to bring patient’s and their experts into the process.






  • vanessa says:


    I live in Australia and got Chronic Lyme. I really would like to watch the documentary ticked off.
    Do you know if there will be an online release or if we can buy the dvd for screening?
    Many thanks, Vanessa

    • Jacquie says:

      Hello Vanessa
      I see there is a link under the film to purchase it but they want 29.95 for it. I think that’s expensive, and this documentary should be made public. Here’s the link to purchase http://meritmotionpictures.com/portfolio-items/ticked-off-the-mystery-of-lyme-disease/

      but if you have been battling Lyme, and are involved there isn’t much new in the documentary that you probably don’t already know. That being said, for someone new to Lyme it is very well done, and gives both sides to the argument. People can’t understand why it is so difficult to get treatment and they do address that, including the witch hunts on docs that try to treat Lyme patients with long term antibiotics. It’s my opinion they did a great job with the 1 hour time slot, that it is a film worth having to educate people and raise awareness. So short answer, yes you can buy it for screening and probably is worthwhile to raise awareness.

  • Melisa Young says:

    Well said CanLyme. Thank you for your continued efforts for Canadian Lyme patients and patients with tick-borne illnesses.

  • Henry johnson says:

    My wife has chronic lyme and is being treated by Dr Mcshane in NY, after trying all the major hospitals in Montreal too no avail, being told that it is still down in the states, that her blood tests were lost etc etc.
    I would really like to see cbc have the show translated into french, and maybe wake up some of the doctors whose minds are closed up like oysters out of water.

    • Wow, Mr Johnson, your wife is not the first one that her blood test was lost in the medical system in Québec, I know an another person who got the same answer. They said they lost her western blot. It’s the same for me. My Elisa is negative but I insisted to have a Western Blot. They took my blood but I never got the result. I called the infectious doctor’s and he said that someone had intercepted it. I ask for the name of that person and they wouldn’t give it to me. So the test never reach the laboratory. I was diagnosed by Dr. Mcshane with Lyme, babesia and bartonella. I want treatment in Québec and I will fight to have it. I’m sick like cancer persons, diabetes persons etc…, and they got treatment, why not us. We pay taxes to the government for healtcare system and they have the obligation to treat us even if the test (Elisa) is not accurate. They have to treat us clinically until they find a better test.

  • this was the first and most informative general information and to a new person or someone I need to understand me ..it is a “go to” I think…it should be free…it would help me, I’m seeing a GP this month who finally believes me though we have yet to meet, I need the best videos to explain this in a nutshell, because when I get going, and then I get lost….I feel like a nutshell..i need peer reviewed info for the doc, and I have some difficulty speaking