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Study cites Powassan link to long-term Lyme symptoms

August 14th, 2016 By Cynthia McCormick Scientists at a Wisconsin laboratory say they suspect persistent cases of Lyme disease may be complicated by the potentially deadly Powassan virus that’s been making headlines in recent years, including on Cape Cod. Developing a better understanding of the frequency of the Powassan virus in humans could help doctors and scientists better treat patients Continues →

Ticks may transmit disease faster than currently thought

BY SHEREEN LEHMAN Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:12pm EDT NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Brazilian ticks that carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever passed the disease to animal hosts in as little as 10 minutes if they had recently fed on another animal, a new study found.  “The current literature, including medical textbooks and guidelines for the general public, has repeatedly Continues →

The difficulty in detecting Lyme Disease

FAIRMONT – In Minnesota, the summer months are feeding season for the deer tick nymph, the second stage in a tick’s life, when the miniscule arachnid is just the size of a pin head. This is when most cases of Lyme disease are reported, and it’s also when the tick is likely to go undetected. How long a tick has Continues →