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MP Elizabeth May speaks to the challenge of updating medical best practices and the continued rise of ticks and Lyme disease

“She describes how she first learned about the severity of Lyme disease when speaking to a woman from Pictou, Nova Scotia who required a wheelchair for mobility. After moving to British Columbia, Elizabeth met others who were experiencing life-altering illness due to the tick-borne diseases.”

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  1. I can only say – i wish – i wish Elizabeth May could make the Government realize Lyme sufferers are being swept under the rug. I seriously believe she is the only politician that gets Lyme and the debilitating disease it is. Thank you Elizabeth May for your understanding and compassion for Lyme disease sufferers. I myself do not have the disease, my husband does and it’s so sad watching him deal with the pain and suffering with absolutely no doctor to help… So thank you again Elizabeth May you are our hero.

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