View live Lyme Disease spirochetes allegedly easily seen in blood following negative “official” testing.

[CanLyme note: Although this video clearly shows a spirochaetal shaped bacteria, it cannot identify what spirochaete it may be. To show that those bacteria are in fact Borrelia (the spirochaetal bacteria shown to cause Lyme borreliosis), proper DNA sequencing would have to occur.  From our perspective, if the person is sick and these are showing up in their blood, then treat the patient for a spirochaetosis while waiting for confirmation. Treatment is chosen within the patient/doctor discussion as to type of antibiotic and duration.  Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) guidelines are not recommended.  Current Canadian medical policy is to simply defer to the IDSA guidelines on matters of testing and treatment therefore we cannot recommend following Canadian medical policy in any province until patient expert’s opinion is given full and equal voice in the writing of Canadian medical policy relative to Lyme borreliosis.]

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These video clips are from an experiment in which 11 friends provided a tiny amount of fingertip blood on a microscope slide.

All donors were met through patient support groups and have chronic illness.

8 of 11 have been ill for 20 years or longer.

9 have been diagnosed with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

10 of 11 had negative NHS tests for Lyme borreliosis – one was not tested.

9 had private tests that were positive.

These eleven donors represent a total of 235 years of illness and 170
years of lost productivity.

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  1. This is really incredible to see. Thanks to whoever did this experiment! I didn’t know that Lyme bacteria would be so readily seen in actual blood; it’s amazing that normal blood tests still can’t pick up the antigen! This is my 9th year of dealing with Lyme. What an awakening to our medical science systems!

    • Borrelia are bacteria. There are different kinds/species of spirochaetal bacteria such as those shown. What would have to take place before those in the video could be said to be Borrelia and what genotype of Borrelia they may be, is they would have to sequenced for their DNA profile. CanLyme.

  2. Melissa on said:

    I know this sounds crazy, but I have lyme disease and I see these types of “creatures” as floaters in my vision. Anyone heard of this in someone who has lyme disease?

    • marie on said:

      I do not know what i have. Been unwell for months/years.
      I have floaters in my eyes some wriggle in front of my vision add are black and one was turquoise.
      They cause interference in my reading.
      My body itches. I feel a prick then an itch. Wiping the place over with a baby wipe I see through a 60x microscope many filaments, black lines, some curled, black blobs and silver ones. They move.
      I showed my son, an earth scientist who said “those are spirochetes” and went on to explain what they were. I had never heard of spirochetes.
      They are in the comb after I comb my hair(white). I wash comb in bleach and neem, examine it, nothing there and then comb my hair again. These things are there.
      The constant itching has been a nightmare. In every part of my body from feet to head.
      I am perfectly stable mentally. I have severe arthritis.
      Dermatologist and GP say it is eczema.
      I believe it to me Lyme disease.

      • Joyce Dahlbetg on said:

        Yea floaters too. So my lyme is really chlamydia C pneumonia which is verr contagious. Got it from husban. Him and all family members odd stuff including one died in horrific pain and infection. Much like dr Fallon described of neuroligical lyme. The entire f area and other area are completely infected. So ticks and msny oter insects .animals including us most liklely from water contamination.

    • Curtis on said:

      I also see exactly these as floaters in my vision… And also suffer from chronic inflammation, sore joints, itchy skin, but most problematic of course are the neurological and cognitive problems that comes from being misdiagnosed and mistreated for 15+ years.

      Had blood test done and definitely have Lyme disease, no surprise as I’m from outside Lyme, CT– of course the question remains, why did not a single doctor that we saw even think to do a blood test or think of Lyme? (my symptoms at the time were an exact match for Lyme). Misdiagnosed bipolar, as these buggers weaseled their way into the white matter of my brain apparently (lesions on MRI due to concussion spurred the finding of Lyme)… too bad nobody will treat it or accept insurance yet.

    • Lynn Hicks on said:

      I had these same floaters. I drew what I saw on paper, and having found this video, I can see that they are the same. I have been treating myself, and don’t have as many, now I see single cell bits and a few strands instead of caterpillar – like creatures.eew.

    • Shawnie on said:

      I am being tested for lyme/morgollens tomorrow I also have these in my vision they drive me nuts but eye drs can’t see them I’ll let u know what I find out I’ve had it in my eyes for about 8 years now

    • These are floaters. If they were borellia they would change shape, others would appear, they wouldn’t move with your eye. Imagine a bacterium staying in the same place on your eye for 20 years…. not possible.

    • yes I have the, too. I have even more as the years go n.. sometimes,, I just sit there and watch them and move my eyes a certain way to make them float. But I am soon researching parasite cleanses and these ‘floaters’ was something I thought it might cure. 🙂

  3. Mandolin on said:

    What level of magnafication was used? Is this dark field microscopy? How can I do this and see my own blood samples? I’m very curious to see the bacteria with my own eyes.

  4. sarahmoniker on said:

    please let me know of a doctor that will perform live blood test? I need help and answers. I’m currently in Wilmington, DE.

  5. Please let me know if this test has a name other than diagnostic live blood test. Also where can I get this in my area? (Portland, OR)

  6. What & where were the private tests they had that were positive when the NHS ones were negative? You can buy a good quality black light microscope on amazon for around $500 .

  7. Shawn on said:

    These do not look like lyme spirochetes. What magnification is this? Can you identify anything in these fields of view? What are the large cells?

  8. The large cells look like red blood cells.
    A single red blood cell is 7 microns so the field of view here is roughly 35 microns which is not possible with a normal microscope.
    The magnification is somewhere between 4,000X and 5,000X (times).
    A normal light microscope is capable of 2,000X at most and normally only 1.000X.
    These clips were from a very specialized and expensive microscope.
    Please don’t rush to Amazon to buy one.
    Have a look at which is a microscope that my colleagues and I are trying to bring to market but funding to finalize it is proving tough.
    We show a blood cell very much larger than on these video clips and we see viruses and of course bacteria easily. We are currently at 50,000X (times) magnification.
    We are trying to help medicine catch up by being able to view all live bacteria and viruses in live conditions.
    Electron microscopes only see dead samples which of course hinders pharmaceutical companies from seeing exactly how their drugs work on pathogens.
    If a reader of this knows of anyone who is willing to fund our microscope in return for shares please get in ouch at (put microscope as the subject please) Regards and best ishes for good health to all! Christopher

  9. Bonnie on said:

    My husband is a Gulf War Veteran…. he was likely deliberately infected with multiple illness including Lyme and they gave them Bromide pills which are poison (see Dr Garth Nicholson) we found out that Ivermectin kills the parasites and is used Llover the world except the US and Europe …. and Claritin ( generic works also) kills spirochetes! Buy Claritin now folks!! My husband and I are recovering with Claritin. The CDC is Big Pharma….. be warned as they try to control all doctors and their diagnosis and treatments used! No kidding! This is not a free country when it comes to these evil people!

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