Suzanna Wong, PhD, 黃 素 霞 (she/her) 

Treasurer, CanLyme, Entomologist 

Suzanna So Ha Wong is an adjunct Professor & an Associate Lecturer at the College of Social Sciences & Humanities, Faculty of Education (Elementary Education), University of Alberta. She has two primary research areas. One is understanding young children’s home digital literacy practices. The other is the connections between literacy learning and makerspaces in elementary classrooms.

In addition, she is interested in studying children’s engagement with critical literacy and environmental education. She has worked with researchers in Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. She joined the CanLyme team more than a decade ago, intent on helping others and knowing the devastation that Lyme disease can cause.

Suzanna So Ha Wong smiles through her glasses, warmly and enthusiastically.
All of the tools in the most fully featured tick removal kit are on display.

Tick removal kits

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We are a volunteer driven, registered charity. All proceeds go to education, prevention, awareness, research, and support.
A diagram of tick hotspots hover over top of an image of a hiker carrying a backpack.

10 tips to avoid Lyme infection

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Regular tick checks are a way to check your body for crawling or embedded ticks. Check everywhere including these hotspots.
Mother and child sit together tenderly in the beautiful light streaming into the kitchen through a multi panel window.

Donate now

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Your donation helps us to fund research and education for health care providers, advance prevention and awareness of Lyme disease – and more.
Illustrations in four panels of how to remove a tick by using tweezers and grabbing way low down near where it's embedded on the skin and pulling straight up, and then washing the skin around where it was embedded.

Tick removal

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If you’ve discovered an embedded tick on yourself or someone else there are a few important things to remember.
A microscopic view of borrelia burgdorferi, a corkscrew shaped bacteria.

Lyme basics

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Although it is most commonly associated with a tick bite, many people who have Lyme disease do not recall seeing or feeling a tick bite.
A woman walks with her two dogs along a path near in the forest.


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By taking the right precautions and spreading the word, you can effectively protect yourself, and your family, from Lyme.