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The most complete tick removal kit on the market

CanLyme’s Tick Removal Kit has everything you need to properly remove and store a tick for further identification and testing, and is easy to pack and find in your backpack, purse, glove box, first aid kit and in your home.

The CanLyme Tick Removal Kit contains tick identification cards, a magnifying glass, instructions for proper tick removal and identification, containers to safely store ticks, and 3 styles of tick removers to cover a variety of tick bite situations. Everything comes in a sturdy and easy to spot 6″ x 4″ nylon zipped pouch.

CANLYME TICK REMOVAL KITS retail for $19.95 CAD which includes shipping and handling in Canada.

Bulk orders

Bulk orders reduce the per unit cost from $19.95 to $12.95 CAD, plus shipping. Minimum order of 100 is required. Allow up to four weeks for delivery.