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Real Lyme victims share their stories – these are real life stories that depict the trauma of Lyme, the relentless saga of seeking treatment, but also hope and inspiration.

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Are you a parent in Canada with a child struggling with Lyme disease? Canadian researchers want to hear from you!!

July 6th, 2018 Researchers at Mount Allison University are undertaking a research project which will explore the experiences of families with a child struggling with Lyme disease. They are looking for parents who have a child affected by Lyme disease to write a letter about their family’s experience.  If you are willing to participate in the study, the researchers will Continues →


June 30th, 2015 My family’s fight against Lyme disease is relatively new, but we learned quickly of the controversy surrounding Lyme Disease. Three months ago, my wife (Theresa) was bit by a tick in our backyard in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). At the time, we didn’t realize what we were dealing with. After a rapid decline in health, my wife was Continues →

Lucky in Lyme

Lucky in Lyme  by Lisa Robertson Posted June 18th, 2014 It has taken me a long time to finally find the courage to speak out regarding my Lyme journey.  My husband’s new role as superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools is very public, and I really didn’t want to bring more attention to our family!  However, two things have changed for Continues →

Danette’s Story

I stood up and walked out [of my doctor’s office] without saying a word. My way of saying, ‘you’re fired!’

Jim’s Story

The saga continued…each time I stopped the antibiotics, all of my symptoms returned with a bang. Then after being put back on them I would get better…

Chuck’s Story

Now that I am feeling better every day I just want to run, jump and holler like a child again. I truly believe I was in the presence of an angel…

Sharon’s Story

My shoulder was so bad it become frozen. One morning I woke up and could not move my legs. They were full of cramps and pain…

Kate’s Story

Most Canadian doctors are not familiar with Lyme disease and have not been trained to recognize it. The simple but cruel lesson I learned is that if doctors don’t look for something, they won’t find it…

Kelly’s Story

Kelly’s condition has improved to about 90% of her pre-Lyme state. She has very little arthritic symptoms, her cardiac symptoms have all but disappeared, and she has much more energy than before…

Sydney’s Story

I have a story to tell about a strange illness I have had for over 2 years. It could easily happen to you or anyone you love and overnight your life can change…

Janet’s Story

Four days [after treatment] the symptoms disappeared and I stopped using the wheelchair. After nine days, my blood pressure started to drop. Today, I am…feeling almost pre-[infection]…

David’s Story

I fear that my body now lacks the strength to tolerate the cure, but I have told my story so that other doctors and patients (particularly in Saskatchewan) lose the false impression that Lyme is a disease that they have ‘somewhere else…’

Diane’s Story

My husband has become my caretaker. Our plans for our retirement smashed by Lyme – and by that first doctor’s blindness to the disease…

Roy’s Story

And the doctor hunt continued…I chased the golden egg, someone who was going to listen…

Bridey’s Story

The spots were not the classic bull’s-eye rash that I kept pulling up on the internet. The rash was all over her arms, legs, face and feet…