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BCCDC releases map of risk areas where people could contract Lyme disease

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has updated its information on Lyme disease in the province. A Facebook post shows a map of the province and includes the areas the BCCDC considers ‘high-risk’ Lyme disease zones. “It’s certainly an update, and contradicts much of what doctors have been telling patients throughout the province for…

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Ticks do not only transmit Lyme disease: After Tularemia Death, Experts Stress Education

[Learn more about tularemia ] Article… September 13, 2018 Julia Wells The Vineyard Gazette With tick-borne diseases a growing matter of public health concern on Martha’s Vineyard, education and prevention are more important than ever, the state’s leading expert in infectious diseases said in an interview this week. Dr. Catherine Brown, the state epidemiologist and senior…

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Ottawa, Canada: Lyme disease hit record levels in 2017, next year likely to be worse, health officials warn

[CanLyme note: The ‘tick key’ mentioned in the article is not a recommended tool as it is too bulky and wide for removing ticks from the many cracks and crevices of our bodies and those of our pets where ticks like to migrate to ie. ears, butt cracks, navals, nostrils, and other private parts.  That is…

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CBC News: High-risk areas for Lyme disease expand to include Moncton

By Joseph Tunney, September 22nd, 2017 Westmorland and Albert counties added to list that already includes Charlotte, Saint John and Kings counties Moncton has joined the list of high-risk areas for Lyme disease, the provincial government announced Friday in Saint John. Two new counties, Albert and Westmorland counties, were added to the list because of…

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Timmins, Ontario: Tick taken from local resident linked to Lyme disease

[CanLyme Note: Continuing to inform the public as to whether they are in a low risk or high risk area is wrong and disarming. Considering the abundance of science it is alarming that public health still feels the need to not report the complete picture. Ticks are transported randomly by migratory birds such as robins, wrens,…

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Black-legged ticks found at Riding Mountain National Park

[CanLyme Note: “Officials aren’t ready yet to sound the alarms”… here we are in 2016 and Health Canada still refuses to let the public in on the truth… Lyme disease carrying ticks are found anywhere that our friendly robins, finches, wren, and other passerine birds fly in Canada.  Measuring by known risk areas and rating them…


The combined use of proton pump inhibitors and antibiotics as risk factors for Clostridium difficile infection

Healthcare Infection, 08/21/2013  Clinical Article Kassavin DS et al. – A review of the incidence of Clostridium. difficile infection (CDI) at the hospital was performed due to the morbidity of CDI in its fulminate form, reports of the increased incidence of CDI in the United States and the increased use of medications associated with its onset….