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ALS or ALS mimic by neuroborreliosis—A case report

[CanLyme Note: This report relates that their is reason to double check positive CSF PCR tests for Lyme disease. There is a very small risk of false positive results.  The bigger risk is false negative results as outlined in this presentation, “PCR testing of CSF is positive in only about one third of US patients with…

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Listen to retired rheumatologist Dr. Al Miller discuss Lyme disease as relates to ALS and other diagnoses

Lots of good information on the failings of current guidelines and testing as well as the relationship of Lyme to various neurodegenerative disorders.  Various treatment options are given.  Coinfections are discussed. Listen now

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Lyme Disease -Induced Polyradiculopathy Mimicking Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

2014 Abstract Abstract Importance: To describe a case of predominantly motor polyradiculopathy secondary to Lyme disease that can mimic motor neuron diseaseand has been rarely reported. Observations: A 64 year-old man presented with a one-month history of rapidly progressive weakness involving bulbar, upper limb and lower limb muscles. The physical examination showed widespread weakness, atrophy, fasciculation and brisk…