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David’s Story

I fear that my body now lacks the strength to tolerate the cure, but I have told my story so that other doctors and patients (particularly in Saskatchewan) lose the false impression that Lyme is a disease that they have ‘somewhere else…’

Diane’s Story

My husband has become my caretaker. Our plans for our retirement smashed by Lyme – and by that first doctor’s blindness to the disease…

Roy’s Story

And the doctor hunt continued…I chased the golden egg, someone who was going to listen…

Bridey’s Story

The spots were not the classic bull’s-eye rash that I kept pulling up on the internet. The rash was all over her arms, legs, face and feet…

Miguel’s Story

Current status: Deciding if I should just keep going to Mexico for high dose antibiotics, or allow myself to fall horribly ill here in Victoria, and try and force local doctors to deal with me…

Gayle’s Story

At this point I have no headaches, numbness, dizziness, my memory is back to normal, no stuttering and I have tons of energy! My family physician is a believer now and has taken quite an interest in Lyme disease…

Mable’s Story

I began to remember the bug bite and ‘sand’ incident and realized that the ‘sand’ must have been a tick. They are only the size of a sesame seed…

Les’ Story

Routine physicals described me as in ‘excellent health’…until the fateful month of June 1990. What followed became an all encompassing nightmare straight from the very pits of hell…

Harriet’s Story

I would forget something I had done only a few minutes before. My speech was slurred, and it was hard to swallow sometimes…

Jim A.’s Story

I was a little concerned as I had heard horror stories about Lyme but [my doctor] reassured me that I would be fine as the antibiotic would kill it…

CanLyme urges public to be “tick aware” this season

Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in North America. The United States reports over 30,000 cases annually, and estimates the disease can be under-reported several fold. Disease carrying ticks are becoming more and more prevalent in Canada and are on the move.

Lyme disease documentary makes Oscar’s shortlist

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced last week that the highly acclaimed Lyme disease documentary, Under Our Skin has made the short list in the category of Best Documentary for the 82nd Academy Awards Oscar presentations in 2010.






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