Previous board members

Rossana Magnotta (Toronto, ON)

Magnotta Winery President and CEO

Rossana Magnotta is a driving force in raising Lyme disease awareness and fundraising in Canada. After witnessing her own family’s struggle with Lyme, Rossana knows firsthand how frustrating, exhausting and life-changing Lyme disease can be.

With a background in medical laboratory science, Rossana’s vast philanthropic activities over the years have focused on healthcare and the needy. Rossana has experience sitting on hospital and various other boards, and is now exclusively devoted to advancing Lyme disease awareness and research through fundraising, public speaking, and working closely with CanLyme to help build a research and testing facility in Canada.

Larry Burke (Halifax, NS)

Creative Director; Burke & Burke

Larry’s wife contracted Lyme disease in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia in 1999. Since then, he has actively campaigned to raise awareness and prevent the spread of the disease.

Larry and his wife Kelly, both experienced as communication professionals, have been instrumental in the creation of the CanLyme visual identity program, and have spearheaded the redevelopment of the CanLyme website. Larry serves as the Nova Scotia representative for CanLyme.

David Cubberley (Vancouver Island, BC)

Former City Councillor and Provincial MLA; Saanich, BC

David Cubberley began speaking out about under-diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease while serving as provincial health critic.

Cubberley continues to energetically advocate public awareness and improved testing and treatment.

Robert Doucet (Hampton, NB)

Former Land Survey Technician for the NB Department of Natural Resources
Robert’s health began to decline in fall 2002. After much suffering, Robert was eventually diagnosed with Lyme, and has since set out to promote Lyme education.

He was also selected by the regional chief medical officer for the city of St. John, N.B. to sit on the “Climate Change and Lyme Disease” committee for Milledgeville Area (an endemic Lyme area). Robert also works closely with New Brunswick’s health authorities to promote Lyme awareness.

Robert W. Manten (Waterdown, ON)

Professional Engineer
As a Lyme disease patient, Robert is devoted to patient advocacy and improved public policy. He was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2005 following months of determined searching to understand his own sudden decline in health.

Dr. Redwan Moqbel, PhD, FRCPath (Winnipeg, MB)

Professor and Head, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine; University of Manitoba
Dr. Redwan Moqbel is a professor of Immunology at the University of Manitoba, and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Dr. Redwan Mobel is an advocate for Lyme education and for the advancement of medical treatment.

Randall W Carson (CPM, FRI) Calgary Alberta

Randy has had a long and successful career as an operating executive and entrepreneur.  He has a fellowship with the Real Estate Institute of Canada and is member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Randy and his wife Kathy who has worked in the health care field for over 25 years also own and operate their own Real Estate company which is a member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta. They have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and after witnessing their middle sons diagnosis and treatment for Lyme disease beginning in 2009 have developed a sincere interest in Lyme Disease and the struggles and complexity for diagnosis and the need for health care.

Dr. Shelley Ball (Westport, Ontario)

Founder/President Biosphere Environmental Education

As a biologist living in a rural setting and in a Lyme ‘hotspot’, after her first tick bite, Shelley became concerned about educating local citizens about the risks of Lyme and how to live in ‘Lyme country’ while still enjoying the outdoors and nature. Following another tick bite, she is experiencing first hand, what it is like to live with Lyme Disease (and their co-infections) and the challenges presented by our medical system in diagnosing and treating Lyme and their co-infections. As a former research scientist and university professor in evolutionary ecology and population genetics, Shelley is keen to use her knowledge of science and her science communication skills to help create awareness about the current scientific understanding about Lyme and to help effect change so that better diagnostic tools and treatment are available to Canadians.

Charles B. Bean

Business owner

Freeda C. Wilson

Dr. Ernie Murakami MD

Tim Anderson

Satyen N. Banerjee, PhD (Richmond BC)

Retired Head of Vector Borne Disease, B.C. Centers for Disease Control. Assoc., Clinical Professor, Dept. of Pathology and Lab. Medicine, UBC. He has been investigating Lyme disease in Canada since 1985.

George Chaconas, PhD (Calgary AB)

Professor, Departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. Chair – Bacterial Pathogenesis Research Group. Canada Research Chair in the Molecular Biology of Lyme Disease.

Dr. Emmanual Kolyvas (Granby City, QC)

Infectious Disease/Microbiology, Granby City Hospital, Granby City, Quebec. Has a special interest in the emergence of Lyme disease in Quebec.

Suzanne Marineau (Quebec City, QC)

An Orthoptist and ophthalmic assistant specialized in facial trauma. She studied in France and has practiced in France and Quebec over 15 years. She has done public conferences and information about Orthoptic treatment and visual problems. Her sister has lyme disease. She is a volunteer for the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation in Quebec.

Joan McComas (Ottawa ON)

Was associate Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Ottawa. LD victim, pre-lyme was Director of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Pat McGeer, PhD (Vancouver BC)

Leading researcher on Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. He is Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. He also served as MLA and Cabinet Minister in BC until 1986. In 2004, Dr. Patrick McGeer was awarded the Henry Wisniewski prize given to the top Alzheimer’s disease researcher. His honours and awards include Honourary Doctors of Science degrees from UBC, the Medal of Service from the Cam Coady Foundation, the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Prize from the University of Toronto, and a lifetime achievement award from the Science Council of B.C.. He along with his wife, Edith McGeer Ph.d were appointed as Officers of the Order of Canada in 1995, and Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada in 2002.

Judith Miklossy Phd (Vancouver BC)

Judith Miklossy, MD, PhD is a neuropathologist board certified in neurology and psychiatry with experience in molecular biology. She has been involved in the research of Lyme disease for approximately 20 years.