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Blumenthal, Lyme disease advocacy giant, salutes researcher

By Greenwich Post on March 2, 2016 Thousands in the Lyme disease community hail U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) as a pioneer for the cause, who has worked for nearly 20 years with Global Lyme Alliance. Some of the highlights of his advocacy work: Ten years ago, as Attorney General, Blumenthal launched an investigation into guidelines for treating Lyme developed Continues →

Overruled: Canadian physician was slapped on the hand for not following IDSA guidelines… appeal decision said he does not have to follow those guidelines.

This is yet another case of a College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada, overstepping their right to enforce particular guidelines be followed.  The physician was initially penalized (cautioned) for not following “appropriate” or “recommended” guidelines. The provincial College’s of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada, and federal and provincial health authorities have always stated publicly that guidelines are only “suggestions” Continues →

USA CDC : Vaccines for Lyme Disease – Past, Present, and Future

[CanLyme note: The argument to market a vaccine anytime soon is weak.  Until many eyes have had a chance to review the data, primarily including the patient’s experts, no vaccine should be introduced… and if it is, it will fail because of broken trust.] Published on Jul 30, 2015 A Lyme disease vaccine is no longer available. The vaccine manufacturer Continues →

CBC TV, Ottawa : Lyme Disease advocate calls for stronger treatment

Advocates for people with Lyme disease want public health agencies to take a more aggressive stance in treating the tick-carried disease early, before it leads to later health complications.  With summer weather arriving, Ottawa Public Health is again warning the public to watch out for signs of Lyme disease, an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacteria transmitted through the Continues →

Medicine Or Mass Murder? Guideline Based on Discredited Research May Have Caused 800,000 Deaths In Europe Over The Last 5 Years

[CanLyme note: The Infectious Disease Society of America’s Lyme Disease guidelines have so many flaws, and are so devoid of independent ethical evaluation in relation to the global databank of research that they may become the most notorious guidelines of the past one-hundred years to have caused so much global disability … all while the medical money machine profited selling Continues →

Mother diagnosed with MS and facing life in a wheelchair is cured – after she discovered her symptoms were due to a TICK BITE

 PUBLISHED 17 June 2013 Julia  Marshall-Wessendorf, 37, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in  2010 An MRI scan  showedlesions on her  brain and spinal cord consistent with MS Was on expensive drug  regime and thought she faced future in a wheelchair Developed other symptoms  inconsistent with MS so did some research Went to doctor and asked  for test for tick-borne Lyme Continues →

Guidelines: Guides to Profit? [Money talks]

By John Fauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Medpage Today and Ellen  Gabler, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Published: December 19, 2012 The stated intent of treatment guidelines is to “guide” clinicians’ treatment of patients with a series of recommendations based on evidence. But that intent may not be universally reflected in published guidelines and the disconnect is all about money. Money Talks Doctors with Continues →