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Long Lyme, long Covid pushes physicians outside of their comfort zone

An article by Usha Lee McFarling October 10, 2022

“A doctor’s humbling journey treating long Covid: ‘The second we think we know what we are doing, we fall flat on our face’”

“Unfortunately way too many people with this are not being believed about their illness. And this has happened before, with long Lyme, and CFS, and fibromyalgia. And I will tell you, as a medical insider, that I used to think that those weren’t real. I was taught in medical school that they weren’t real. I was just with some medical students last week, and I talked to them about a patient of mine who had long Lyme. And they said we were taught that that’s not real — and these are current med students. This is something the ivory tower medical profession needs to realize — long Covid is going to push us to get outside of our comfort zone with illnesses that we can’t define. Because we don’t like it when we can’t understand something, but we have to get over that.”

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