Watch the long awaited ongoing trial of Lyme patient Frank Papineau that was delayed 3 years.

The trial deals with alleged negligence on the part of physicians. Patient Papineau vs Romero-Sierra et al

The trial is available live via Zoom.  Here is the link.

Dr. John Haggblad is testifying at the moment as to Standard of Care expected.  Next week Dr. Ralph Hawkins should begin his expert testimony.

Check in to the Zoom meeting at about 9 to 9:30 ET each week day.  It can change each day.

IMPORTANT: Sign in as a observer, not witness and select the MUTE option on Zoom so that you are not interrupting the trial.


  • Alan Foos says:

    So, how will I hear in advance that a court meeting will be in session? Or must I have my computer on and wait for Zoom to sound a message that court is in session (I don’t have my computer on most of the time)? Or open and check Zoom from time to time to see if it’s scheduled?

  • Chris powell says:

    Is there a specific time Jim for when this starts?
    Eastern time zone I’m guessing as well.
    Will it be recorded? I would like to listen.thx