November 28th, 2019

Shannon Smadella once represented Canada on the world’s stage and now she is the one who
needs help – and she needs it – yesterday

Vancouver, BC: Shannon was Miss Canada and represented this country with pride,
volunteering thousands of un-paid hours for charity and humanitarian work. But when Shannon
needed help, Canada’s medical system wasn’t there for her. For the past fifteen months Shannon,
who is her family’s sole provider, has suffered multiple diagnosis including the controversial “Lyme
Disease”. Unable to work, Shannon has been forced to sell everything she owns and resort to
using the services of her local food bank. This has taken a severe emotional toll on her eight year
old son Ryder.

This once extremely healthy and fit international yoga instructor of twelve years is now living on over
20 prescription medications and 17 herbal supplements daily (some of which are the ‘last resort’
remedy including biological and chemotherapy treatments). She is being treated by her GP, NDs, and
Specialists for multiple severe and chronic diagnosis’, (RA, Diabetes, and multiple growths in vital
organs). In the past 18 months, she has attended to over 100 medical appointments and tests.
Thirty-six cortisone joint injections allow her to walk and get out of bed; however immense damage
has settled in to her dominant wrist causing permanent disability.

In March of 2019, after testing at one of the most comprehensive and renowned labs in the world for
diagnosing chronic infections originating from tick-borne diseases, Armin Labs, in Germany, it was
found that Shannon also suffers from multiple chronic infections including Borrelia burgdorferi, afzelii
as well as three other viral co-infections, commonly and collectively diagnosed as ‘Lyme Disease’.
The shear utterance of the word causes most conventional medical professionals to deny any
treatment concerning these multiple infections as current Canadian testing models are known be unreliable.
This has caused major complications in Shannon’s attempt to regain her health.

To date, her medical costs not covered by the Canadian medical system exceed $50,000, she will
need another $50,000 immediately to pursue further testing and treatment outside of Canada.
Due to the lack of sufficient testing and treatment in Canada for Lyme (not to mention lack of support
from overseeing authorities), thousands of Canadians are having to seek treatment at private clinics
(most being out of country), some costing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. As you can see
in this recent CBC article released on Sept 12th, “Family separated by expensive battle against Lyme
disease”, this problem is becoming a growing epidemic.

Shannon has resorted to fundraising on online platforms and needs your help in getting her story out
so that she may get the treatment that she needs. Please consider sharing her story.
Her website:


  • diana folden says:

    wow i been fighting lyme since 2009 only i did not know it until 2014 and am a long way from well. i am 78 fixed income guess i should have set up a fund deal

    • Elizabeth Devine says:

      Me too….sick from the 80’s. I too am 78 and was escorted from a hospital in London Ontario when I presented with an obvious tick bull’s eye in 1988 and a year later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since then bit by another tick in 2017…given 14 days of docy…..not well at all…no help…I know where you are.

  • diana folden says:

    quess she did not do her homework on that. i never come close to spending that much but I started out just eating real food! I am so greatful that i did that. As i have no big problems just weak tired exhausted and 24/7 dizzy, the dizzy is aweful and no motivation. life sucks

  • Nancy Kast says:

    Yup. Been thru it all. Tried USA treatment but not easy to travel. Plus it looked like family doc was about to fire me. At least $50, 000 and counting. Canadian government will happily fund antidepressants and pain meds. No problem to acces benzos etc. Zero funding for natural therapy like accupuncture or osteopathy.

    Only those of us who suffer the degrading way we Canlymies are treated could possibly understand.