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Symptoms of Ehrlichiosis [with treatment recommendations]

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Nov 26th, 2018

“Patients with ehrlichiosis (regardless of the putative organism) clinically present with fever, chills, severe headache, confusion, malaise, nausea, vomiting, and generalized body aches. Respiratory symptoms such as cough may also be observed, but they are more common in adults than in  children.

Symptoms are typically seen one to two weeks following a tick bite, with a median of nine days. The problem with tick bites is that they are usually painless, and therefore many people do not even remember being bitten.”

[According to the United States Center for Diseases Control (CDC), the treatment for Ehrlichiosis is primarily doxycyline.

Continue treatment until the patient has been afebrile for at least 3 days and for 10-14 days depending on the severity of illness. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of tick-borne diseases have been established by the CDC”]

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