Are you a parent in Canada with a child struggling with Lyme disease? Canadian researchers want to hear from you!!

July 6th, 2018

Researchers at Mount Allison University are undertaking a research project which will explore the experiences of families with a child struggling with Lyme disease. They are looking for parents who have a child affected by Lyme disease to write a letter about their family’s experience. 

If you are willing to participate in the study, the researchers will ask you to answer a few questions about your family (e.g., how many children you have) and will ask you to write a brief letter describing your family’s experience with Lyme Disease. Any information you provide will be kept confidential and only members of the research team will have access to it. It will be kept locked in a private research lab at Mount Allison University. If any quotes from your letter are used as part of the research reports, any information that would allow for anyone to identify you will be removed, and any quotes used will be anonymous.

The researchers are hoping to use your letter, as well as many others, to conduct research that will contribute to a growing body of academic research on people’s experiences with Lyme disease. 

If you would like to participate in this study, please contact Emilie Gaudet at Mount Allison University before July 20th , and she will contact you with more information.  She can be reached by email at ( or by telephone at (506-364-2464).

This study has been reviewed by the Mount Allison University Research Ethics Board. You can also contact Lisa Dawn Hamilton, the chair of the board, directly if you have concerns about the study ( or at (506-364-2618).   

  1. Judy Mitchell on said:

    I am a mom, my 39 yr old son has Lyme Disease. Yes I would like to share my story. As it is so very heartbreaking…!!!

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