Ottawa, Canada: Lyme disease hit record levels in 2017, next year likely to be worse, health officials warn

[CanLyme note: The ‘tick key’ mentioned in the article is not a recommended tool as it is too bulky and wide for removing ticks from the many cracks and crevices of our bodies and those of our pets where ticks like to migrate to ie. ears, butt cracks, navals, nostrils, and other private parts.  That is why our tick removal kit has three different sizes and styles of tools, as well as wiping towelettes and vials to put the ticks in. Testing ticks to see if you may have been infected is a bad idea, the tests are not fool proof.]

Vito Pilieci Published November 16th, 2017

Last year was a record-breaking year for reported cases of Lyme disease in the nation’s capital and things are likely to get worse, according to health experts.

Ottawa Public Health says 168 cases have already been reported this year, more than double the 74 cases reported in all of 2016.

In 2007, the city only saw two reported cases of the disease, which can cause severe headaches and neck stiffness and possibly even paralysis if left untreated.

Due to global warming, 2018 is likely to see those numbers rise even higher.

“Simply put, these black-legged ticks — whose northerly range was (controlled) by longer and colder winters and summers that weren’t as warm and weren’t as long — are able to expand their range,” said Dr. Monir Taha, associate medical officer of health at Ottawa Public Health.


  • Margaret Churchill says:

    Thank you for this. I live at ‘ground zero’ — Ottawa and Arnprior. My question is, do you sell these Tick Removal Kits to places like Trailheads or any other outdoor camping store, like Canadian Tire. And if not, why not?
    Please advise.
    Margaret Churchill