Listen to retired rheumatologist Dr. Al Miller discuss Lyme disease as relates to ALS and other diagnoses

Lots of good information on the failings of current guidelines and testing as well as the relationship of Lyme to various neurodegenerative disorders.  Various treatment options are given.  Coinfections are discussed.

Listen now

  1. Rob Murray on said:

    Very interesting observation and connecting the dots that the incidence of severe neurological diseases mirrors perfectly the map for Lyme disease. This should set off alarm bells in the medical community but most are living in silos. Dr. miller presents the case clearly and emphatically.

  2. Cathy on said:

    From the video:

    *’The Elisa test may produce 50% false negative results’

    3:15 *’Bands 31 and 34 are proteins specific for the Lyme organism yet most labs omit bands 31 and 34. This makes the Western Blot test invalid.’

    part 2, 4:40 ‘when the organism becomes chronic, it becomes a cyst, it is impenetrable to antibiotics unless Flagyl is included.’

    -Dr. Al Miller

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