• Janie Tyerman says:

    Peppermint oil to detour ticks? Yes or no?

    • Canlyme says:

      Peppermint oil may act as a deterrent to keep ticks from attaching, but once they have attached it is not recommended to put peppermint oil on the tick to make the tick back out as this may cause the tick to vomit into your blood stream.

  • Rick says:

    I have never had a tick before to the best of my knowledge. This spring/summer I have had three ticks so far. The last one being the biggest and leaving a bruise of purple blending to red as it radiates outward. The area is a little bigger than a dime and it’s a little tender to the touch.
    I have frozen the tick in a zip lock bag, should I get it (or me) tested for Lyme disease?
    if so where would I go?

    • Rory Clarke says:

      Rick if there is a red mark like you have described then go get yourself checked and potentially treated for Lyme disease ASAP

    • Maureen Landry says:

      www,igenex.com to get accurate testing and then go on Lyme advocate forums and ask somebody who has Lyme. You can pm me for names of people in BC and Alberta who treat Lyme and who have resources to help you.