• ken says:

    unless government big wigs get Lyme infection-there will be nothing done–They are busy wasting our tax dollars -including their pension money. They should be ashamed

  • Peter M. Duyzer says:


    My wife has contracted Neuropathy. She has been through numerous tests and no one has any answers.

    A number of years ago, my wife was bitten by an insect in our backyard adjoining Burns Bog, in N. Delta BC, Not long after her leg got very red with a very sensitive skin. Shortly after we went to W. Europe for six months and while there she went to see a Dr in the Netherlands who thought it might have been a tick bite, which was also my suspicion.

    She is in a lot of pain and finds it almost impossible to walk much, or even stand. Sleep is almost impossible because of the pain.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,