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Montreal Gazette: Quebec issues warning for Lyme disease

[CanLyme Note: Their 159 reported cases are seriously under-reported due to many reasons including poor tests, lack of doctor education ofo medical doctors to recognize Lyme symptoms, especially late stage chronic symptoms.]

lJune 24th, 2016

The Ministry of Health and Social Services advised people who practise outdoor activities to watch out for the bugs. The disease is spread through “deer” and “blacklegged” ticks that clamp on human skin.

“People have to be aware of the fact that a tick bite cannot be mundane,” said Dr. Horacio Arruda, national director of public health. “In certain regions of southern Quebec, particularly the Estrie, Montérégie and Centre-du-Québec, the risk of contracting Lyme disease is real and its consequences can be important, especially if the infection isn’t detected and treated in time.”

There were 159 cases of Lyme disease reported last year — a sharp rise from 32 cases in 2011.

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