Sunnybrook Health Sciences: Why Lyme disease can be so hard to diagnosis and treat

Written by Paul Taylor


QUESTION: After feeling really miserable for many months, my doctor finally concluded I had Lyme disease.  He put me on antibiotics for a month and my symptoms went away. But now that I’ve stopped taking the antibiotics, I’m feeling horrible again. Is this typical for Lyme disease?

ANSWER: Lyme disease can be difficult to treat – especially when it is not identified right away.

It is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi, which is spread through the bites of tiny blood-sucking ticks that hide out in grassy meadows and wooded areas. The ticks originally pick up the bacteria from infected mice and deer. …..

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  • Norma Rayner says:

    Hello. I have been unwell for approximately 2.5 years with severe vertigo and balance issues which are progressing. I would like to be tested for Lyme if that is possible or at least have a consultation to determine if this is what I have. My doctor has also expressed that it could be Lyme Disease but advised that treatments are only available in the States.