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CBC News Montreal: Reported cases of Lyme disease on the rise in Montreal

May 19th, 2016

Arlene Rill knows all about the dangers of Lyme disease.

The 65-year-old resident of Hampstead, Que., says she was bitten by an infected tick in Montreal in 2014 and has suffered debilitating arthritis-like symptoms ever since.

“One tick can take away your life,” the retired schoolteacher says, and it’s a message she’s now working to spread.

Rill went to see a doctor soon after noticing the bite. The doctor, however, doubted it was Lyme disease since she hadn’t left Montreal, which is considered a low-risk area for the disease.

That’s still the case for Montreal, but a rise in Lyme disease reports now has public health officials on greater alert in Montreal.

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