Boston, Massachusetts: Response to Boston Globe editorial against the Lyme bill

March 29th, 2016

The Massachusetts Lyme Legislative Task Force responds to a recent editorial from the Boston Globe, which opposed legislation to require insurance coverage for treatment of Lyme disease.

Dear Editors of the Boston Globe:

We were disappointed by your March 28 editorial criticizing the Lyme disease bill (H901/S502, An Act Relative to Lyme Disease Treatment Coverage[i]. Your arguments levied against the bill are outdated in terms of the science. Recent studies indicate that the bacterium that causes Lyme does in fact persist beyond a short course of antibiotics [ii][iii] and it has long been known that  …

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  • john decicco says:

    Dr. Wormser and his cronies are contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths by not treating #Lyme. There will be legal action in the near future. #ILADS