• Rob Murray says:

    Good well paced interview with no distractions thrown in.

    Thanks Janet

  • Patty says:

    Dr. Klighardt says Lyme is in all milk cows and found in all milk, even pasteurized:


    “Unpasteurized milk. That’s a big one. Because pasteurizing milk makes it almost undigestible for most of us and not pasteurizing it is —- from all the cows that we ever tested – they were infected with Lyme Disease. You are not going to find a single cow in the US without having Ehrlichiosis, Babesia and Lyme Disease. I tested through a friend, a vet, many cows. He could not find a single one that is not infected. So cow’s milk has Lyme Disease in it. If you pasteurize it, most of the Lyme bugs die, not all of them, some of them in cysts, and you get the Lyme cysts and they survive into you. “

    • Cathy says:

      Paradoxically, some raw milk proponents have said that unpasteurized milk has fewer pathogens because of the cow’s own antibodies and natural milk enzymes which are killed by the pasteurization process.