June 30th, 2015

My family’s fight against Lyme disease is relatively new, but we learned quickly of the controversy surrounding Lyme Disease. Three months ago, my wife (Theresa) was bit by a tick in our backyard in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). At the time, we didn’t realize what we were dealing with. After a rapid decline in health, my wife was diagnosed with Lyme Disease by a University Research Lab in the United States.

That’s right, we live in Canada, but my wife’s diagnosis came from the United States.

Further, we only received that diagnosis because we independently sent her blood upon recommendation from a Canadian doctor. This is when the controversy became extremely apparent. Let me back up a bit…

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  1. The “Read Full Article” isn’t working, I’d really like to read the full article. Please fix the button or email me the article. Thanks so much!

  2. mamie harrell on said:

    How long can you have Lyme disease my Dr refuses too test me I have had chronic joint pain since small child and now it’s got me totally disabled since 2001 and now I don’t have energy too have a life at all I’m 62 with no life he says if I had it that would new before now but did no test acts like too late to test for it but I have everobe of symptoms for it and when I get sick and need antibodies I can tell it makes my joint pain less any idea as what should I do plz terribly sick need help

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