United States: Lyme Victory as Bill passes US House of Representatives

[CanLyme note: Congratulations to to the US House of Representatives for passing this important legislation. Years of hard work by Lyme disease advocates and dedicated representatives has moved the Lyme issue one step closer to taking the control away from the medical political, for-profit associated, bureaucrats and giving it back to pure scientists and patients.  Bill C-442 in Canada unanimously passed our House of Commons and offers similar direction.]

The Lyme Disease Association, Inc., LDA, is pleased to announce that the Lyme bill, HR 4701 – “Vector-Borne Disease Research Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014” as amended, was discussed on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives today, September 9, and passed the House by voice vote.

“This legislation is truly constituent-driven and represents a significant step forward in what has been an extensive process,” said Congressman Gibson. “For the past few years, I have worked with physicians, patient advocates, professional researchers, patients and their families throughout New York and the United States on a bill that focuses solutions. I want to thank Pat Smith and other Lyme advocate leaders for their significant and persuasive engagement and unyielding commitment to change the direction of U.S. policy to bring solutions and relief for our chronic sufferers. This bill is dedicated to those patients who have been ill for years, at times seemingly without hope, wondering if anyone in Washington was listening or cared. We hear you. We do care, and today we passed this legislation to help you get better.”

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