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Lyme disease on the rise according to experts

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Every year, hundreds of Canadians are diagnosed with Lyme disease. According to Lyme disease advocates thousands are living with illness caused by a tick bite it without even knowing they have it.

CHCH News followed up Wednesday with Shelby Macneil, the subject of a previous report who is fighting Lyme disease.

She is currently getting treatment from a Naturopathic Doctor in St. Catharines but each day is a challenge.

“Everyday is extremely hard. I have chronic fatigue, all my symptoms are unbearable, brain fog, memory problems. I feel helpless, even if I have an issue and I go to the hospital, they don’t even look at me like there’s anything wrong.”

The Public Health Agency of Canada says  the number of people infected with Lyme disease in 2013 is expected to be more than 500. But Jim Wilson, President of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation says the figure is more likely in the tens of thousands.

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