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UK : Scientist left struggling to walk after contracting Lyme disease

CanLyme note: Listen to this scientist’s symptoms… unable to walk, crawling around house, then, look at what the American Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) calls these symptoms, “the aches and pains of daily living”… outrageous, yet Canadian doctors and labs are forced to follow the IDSA guidelines or risk their licence to practice..

Aberdeen scientist Dr Nicola Seal was once a fit and healthy hillwalker who loved to bag Munros.

But now the 39-year-old mother is rarely in the hills and unable to work after being bitten by a tick on the west coast of Scotland five years ago.

She was diagnosed with the increasingly common illness, Lyme disease, which is an infection spread by the insect.

About 3000 people are thought to be affected by the disease every year in the UK.

However, experts say the true figure is likely to be much higher because doctors often fail to spot it.

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