Multiple Sclerosis – Did you know? Spirochetes found in Multiple Sclerosis patients?

TIME Magazine,

June 24, 1957

Multiple sclerosis victims (about 250,000 in the U.S.) were anxiously  wondering about a possible clue to their mysterious disease, which is  marked by near-total loss of muscle control. (It happens when the  myelin sheath, a fatty insulation around nerve pathways, degenerates  for unknown reasons, thus short-circuiting nerve signals.) Philadelphia  Bacteriologist Rose Ichelson, 59, reported success in cultivating an  obscure microbe, Spirochaeta myelophthora, which she has found in the  spinal fluid of MS victims. Inference: multiple sclerosis is caused by  the spirochete, and early attack on it should lead to cure or  alleviation….

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