While hundreds of thousands of people are being told they cannot receive antibiotics for serious diseases, … read this

[CanLyme note: antibiotic resistance is one of the major reasons floated by Infectious Disease doctors as to why it is dangerous to treat very sick people with needed antibiotics.  Most people do not realize just how regularly antibiotics are used every day in our food farm industry, and those who do know something of it only think of it in the cattle, pigs, chickens, etc.. Antibiotics are used regularly on plants as well.  In fact, there is a court challenge underway in the USA under freedom of information laws to force the US FDA to release their percentages of human consumption of antibiotics versus the food farm industries consumption which is reported to be far that of humans. This potentially means the medical money managers are willing to farm sickness in humans by witholding antibiotics that could eradicate the disease and hense the symptoms, so that humans can be pharmed for life being put on a separate drug for each symptom… all while fearmongering antibiotic consumption in humans as the major cause of antibiotic resistance.  The organic fruits are only the tip of the iceberg.] 

Organic Apples And Pears To Be Antibiotic-Free

STEVEN DUBOIS, Associated Press

As of Friday, April 12, 2013

PORTLAND — The organic apples you buy in the grocery store will soon be free of a widely used antibiotic.

The National Organic Standards Board late Thursday rejected a petition to allow growers to use the antibiotic oxytetracyline beyond the existing expiration date of Oct. 21, 2014.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s labeling standards generally prohibit food from being certified organic if antibiotics were used during production. But the threat of fire blight — a bacterial pathogen that infects flowers and trees — led to an exception for growers of apples and pears.

That exception was revisited in Portland this week as consumer groups and concerned citizens urged the board to maintain next year’s deadline.

“If organics is going to market itself as a more responsible type of agriculture, then they need to live up to it,” said Patty Lovera, the assistant director of Food & Water Watch, a Washington-based consumer group.

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  • Beverly Kornblum says:

    I feel we are being abused by our food industries and that is definitely not right. Sick people need better answers to their problems. Please make laws that protect us from eating garbage.