• Sue McDougall says:

    Well done David. I sure hope somebody in Parliament responds with some action.
    Lyme disease is certainly on the rise.
    Change needs to happen quickly.

    • Ron Coutts says:

      David . You have great courage and determination. I Also suffer with lymes. It is things like this video that the public need to see to get the message across about the suffering that is being ignored in Canada.Thanks so much for this great video.

  • Thanks, David.
    Terrific letter.

  • Lois MacLean says:

    Thank you for making this video. It is the bravery of people like you who are going to make a difference in the Lyme community. I have fought the tick borne illness battle for almost a decade and I have like you had much improvement. If the 35 different Canadian doctors I saw during the first 6 years I was ill had diagnosed me properly and started treatment I would not have had to endure years of unbelievable pain and disability. The fact that I have to go to the USA for treatment is a sin. The fact that I can still afford to go makes me luckier than many. Keep up the fight.
    Again, thank you for what you have done.